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NMSU-A Spotlight

John Adams

John Adams – College Associate Professor of Graphic Arts

When NMSU-A College Associate Professor of Graphic Arts John Adams walks into the Technical Education Building each day, a new stream of students suddenly appear in the hallways. John’s amiable character, enthusiasm, and skill have been important elements that have attracted a dedicated following in his classes. In addition, he serves as the faculty advisor of the “Studio Media Solutions” student group. This group has had a reputation as “doers,” and when one finds the building decorated with holiday garnish or student artwork, you can bet that John and his students were there making things happen.

John and his students also play an important role in designing and developing logos, pamphlets, and fliers that help the campus promote its activities. During the last five years, John and his colleagues have revamped the NMSU-A Computing AAS, helping the campus complete important goals related to its Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Project.

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