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Title V


Title V

Welcome to the NMSU-A Title V web site. Title V of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended through September 2006, enables the Department of Education to provide grant money to colleges and universities that serve Hispanic and/or low income populations. The title of our grant is, No Time to Lose: A Head Start to STEM Success.

NMSU-A Key Goals Related to Approved Title V Project

Academic Program

  1. Enhance academic curricula to increase completion and transfer;
  2. Improve developmental reading, writing, and math programs, while enhancing support for the underprepared student; and
  3. Increase professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.
Institutional Management
  1. Update and develop resources and tools to support student success and successful graduation/transfer; and
  2. Develop appropriate facilities to ensure key program coordination.
Fiscal Stability
  1. Increase external funding to support long-term fiscal stability; and
  2. Increase revenue through new enrollment and improved persistence to degrees.

Grant Activities

Activity 1
The first activity is a curricular redesign to increase STEM enrollment, degree completion, and transfer. Phase 1 will create a fast track developmental education option, promoting accelerated transition to college-level STEM courses and associate degrees. Phase 2 involves revising STEM coursework in the Engineering Technology department, targeting the Information Technology, Electronic Technology, and Biomedical Engineering Technology associate degree programs as well as Renewable Energy curricula.

Activity 2
The second activity is developing infrastructure to support the expanded STEM pipeline. During years 1-2, we will establish a Foundational Learning Area. This will entail the renovation of the following rooms: CB402, CB702, CB 602 and SC 103. Renovations will vary in each room, but the purpose is to update the facility and equipment in each room to facilitate developmental education and learning. Over years 3-5, we will update instrumentation to support hands-on instruction across Engineering Technology curricula – developing the Information Technology Training and Certification Center in NMSU-A’s Technology Center, updating Electronics Technology and Biomedical Engineering Technology Lab instrumentation (Yr. 4), and updating instrumentation for revised Renewable Energy curricula (Yr. 5).

Endowment Management

Finally, there will be judicious endowment management. To help sustain new programs beyond the grant, grant funding will match financial gifts to the NMSU-A Foundation specific to this project of up to $231,000. NMSU-A will invest the principal and at least 50% of interest income for 20 years after the project ends. At that time, the endowment will have increased to at least $750,000. By the first year post grant, the endowment fund will have generated at least $19,000 of spendable income for program-related purposes, such as scholarships for Hispanic/low income students in STEM degree programs.

Title V Documents

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