NMSU-A would like to thank all contributors to the Self-Study process. Representing three years of hard work from all areas of NMSU-A, this Self-Study has been guided by a genuine interest in learning how the college functions and how it might function more effectively. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals:

NMSU-A Administration

Dr. Cheri Jimeno, Campus President

Dr. Debra Teachman, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Juan García, Vice President for Student Success

Tony Salinas, Vice President for Business & Finance


Self-Study Co-Coordinators

Dr. Bruce Martin, Senior Institutional Researcher

Dr. Mary Ellen Keith, Associate Professor

Susan Cook, College Professor


Self-Study Steering Committee

Cathy Aguilar-Morgan, Interim Division Head

Liz Aranda, Senior Administrative Assistant

Linda Beavers, Senior Administrative Assistant

Stan Carlson, Professor

Donna Cook, Associate Vice President of Extended Programs

Mary Fechner, Special/Executive Administrative Assistant

Dr. Ann French, Associate Professor

Dr. Joyce Hill, Division Head

Sara Irving, College Professor

Dr. Karen Reid, Associate Professor

Rosa Rico-Fernandez, College Associate Professor

Jary Rupe, Professor

Bryan Yancey, Division Head

Technical Writers

Tanya Allred, Associate Professor

Elizabeth Grundhoffer, Assistant Professor


Resource Room

Gregory Hillis, Database Report Writer

Glenda Elser, Assistant Professor

Gary Bond, Intermediate Web Developer


John Adams, College Professor

Dr. Ernestine Baca, Professor

Jeffery Bacon, Lab Coordinator

Sharon Bain, College Instructor

Carrie Baldwin, Associate Professor

Colleen Bond, Temporary Part-time Instructor

Connie Breding, Associate Professor

Lesia Bryant-Gonzalez, Academic Advisor

Jenna Deinert, College Instructor

Janet Delgado, College Assistant Professor

Dr. Rita Eisle, Associate Professor

Erline Elias, Associate Administrative Assistant

Kay Flowers, College Instructor

Dr. James Gallagher, Professor

Jose Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Professor

Joan Griggs, Director Community Education Services

John Haley, Professor

Lee Kinney, Senior Fiscal Assistant

Stefanie Ledesma, Financial Aid Advisor

Dr. Vincente Lombrana, Professor

Kim Lopez-Gallagher, Associate Professor

Bill Lockhart, Professor

Barbara McDonald, Director Student Counselor Services

Martha McFarland, Interim Director of the ASC

Ron McNeel, Professor

Sue Medina, former NMSU-A Advisory Board member

Nancy Montgomery, Manager, Facilities Services

Dr. Ray Nejeres, College Instructor

Dr. Erin O’Neil, Assistant Professor

Hope Patterson, Public Information Specialist

Jeremy Patton, Admissions Advisor

Rose Pena, Student Program Coordinator

Kathy Roark-Diehl, Professor

Kimberlee Robinson, College Instructor

Dona Sennett, Associate Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Smith, College Assistant Professor

Daniel Taylor, Student

Tina Truong, Director of Admissions

Charles Turpin, Student & Veterans Affairs Coordinator

Dr. Gloria Villaverde, Assistant Professor

Wanda Wakkinen, Associate Professor

Frank Webb, College Associate Professor

Lynette Wedig, College Instructor

Mary Wolford, Associate Administrative Assistant


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