Message From The President

November 1, 2012


During February 2013, New Mexico State University Alamogordo (NMSU-A) will host an evaluation team from the Higher Learning Commission. This regional accreditation process was led by three co-coordinators, Ms. Susan Cook, Dr. Mary Ellen Keith, and Dr. Bruce Martin and our technical writer, Ms. Tanya Allred. Their diligent efforts in understanding this accreditation process were supported by the involvement and professionalism of the NMSU-A campus. Ms. Cook, Dr. Keith, Dr. Martin and Ms. Allred’s invitational approach and on-going status updates encouraged feedback that resulted in a reflection of our campus community.


It has been 10 years since our last comprehensive visit. During the last visit, concerns were expressed about our institutional planning and assessment. As a result, NMSU-A worked to improve these areas and submitted two follow-up progress reports and one monitoring report that addressed these concerns. As noted in this Self-Study, we continue to improve and refine our assessment and planning processes.


We are a dynamic institution, and we constantly engage in self-improvement. We have collected and reviewed the data, modified procedures, altered programs and job responsibilities, and adapted to changing economic conditions. Our “students first” mentality and our campus mission continue to be the guiding force for our planning procedures. In addition, since NMSU-A is an integral part of the New Mexico State University (NMSU) system, our procedures must always complement identified needs of this system.


During this process of Self-Study, we have learned a great deal about ourselves. Although we are dealing with a time of financial uncertainty along with a new funding formula, we are committed to our students, our communities and our nation. We will continue to deal objectively with the facts and to bring about any changes that will help us prepare NMSU-A for the future.






Cheri Jimeno, Ph.D.

NMSU-A President


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