Class Schedule and Addendum – Fall 2014

Course Schedule and Addendum

Fall 2014

NMSU Alamogordo no longer prints a paper version of the Course Schedule. Use the NMSU Course Catalog look up tool (web version) to view classes online. This search tool shows courses offered on all NMSU Campuses by term and subject and will allow you to see the numbers of seats available and the number of students enrolled for each class. Please note that this link will take you to an NMSU Las Curses Campus web page, select Alamogordo Campus to see what we offer.

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Fall 2014

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Fall 2014 Schedule Changes

Added | Canceled | Other Changes

  • 1st 8-Weeks: AUGUST 21 – OCTOBER 14
  • 2nd 8-Weeks: OCTOBER 15 – DECEMBER 12
  • 16-Weeks: AUGUST 21 – DECEMBER 12
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    Classes Added, Fall 2014

    TermDept/NoCourse TitleCRNSecCrInstructorNotes
    2nd 8 weeksASTR 105GThe Planets51193A704D. BizyaevWEB-BASED; GO TO LEARN.NMSU.EDU
    16 weeksBIOL 101GHuman Biology Laboratory40206A211TBAWeb-based; meets entire semester.
    16 weeksBIOL 101GHuman Biology40201A213TBANOTE: WEB-BASED; GO TO LEARN.NMSU.EDU
    16 weeksCMT 265Personal Character Development51113A303J. ScharmackINDEPENDENT STUDY for specific student. Meets entire semester.
    16 weeksCMT 290Advanced 3D Animation Workshop A51112A303J. ScharmackINDEPENDENT STUDY for specific student. Meets entire semester.
    16 weeksHIST 269Special Topics: Internship in Heritage Interpretation51127A303P. EidenbachINDEPENDENT STUDY for specific student. Meets entire semester.
    16 weeksOEBM 211CBET Exam Preparation51163A301C. WeaverINDEPENDENT STUDY for specific student. $20 class fee.
    16 weeksPL S200Legal Ethics for the Paralegal51201A303M. E. KeithINDEPENDENT STUDY for specific student. Meets entire semester.
    16 weeksPSY 201GIntroduction to Psychology51180A063J. PattonMeets entire semester, Tues/Thurs, 1730-1845, at Academy Del Sol.


    Classes Canceled, Fall 2014

    ASTR 105GA2240183
    CJ 199A7048635
    HIST 269A3051127
    MATH 120A0140355
    PSY 201GA0551124


    Other Class Changes, Fall 2014

    ART 157A0150706Class cancelled.
    ART 260A0140023Class tickets changed to 4.
    Astr 105GA0152660Class/lab time changed to 1300-1415/1430-1530; location changed to SC 134.
    ASTR 110GA2040186Instructor changed to K. Ensenat.
    BIOL 111GA0140207Instructor changed to TBA.
    BIOL 111GA0250661Instructor changed to G. Villaverde.
    BIOL 221A0140286Instructor changed to V. Lombrana.
    CCDE 110NA0449805Instructor changed to G. Castanon.
    CCDR 105NA0149729Class day and time changed to Mon/Wed, 1300-1440. Class ticket max changed to 8.
    CCDR 110NA0248633Class ticket max changed to 14.
    C EP 110A0244940Instructor changed to J. Coffey.
    C EP 110GA0244940Instructor changed to TBA.
    CHEM 110GA2040327Instructor changed to M. Morales-Ensign.
    COLL 101A1351123Instructor changed to TBA.
    C S 110A0140066Instructor changed to P.Livingston.
    C S 110A0340068Class cancelled.
    ECED 135A2044995Instructor changed to M. Johnson.
    ECED 245A2050628Instructor changed to H. Lehoski.
    EMD 250A2040833Instructor changed to R. Eisele.
    ENGL 111GA0343847Instructor changed to G. Castanon.
    ENGL 220A0140852Instructor changed to G. Castanon.
    E T 220A0140105Instructor changed to M. Placencio.
    GEOL 111GA0140338Instructor changed to M. Martin.
    MATH 121GA0245356Location changed to SC 125.
    MATH 142GA0140368Location changed to SC 364.
    MATH 142GA0140368Location changed to SC 114.
    NA 109A0151038Lab/Clinical time changed to 1430-1700.
    OECS 209A0150730The following subtitle has been added: MS SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS
    OEET 112A0150912Class day/time changed to Monday, 2000-2050; location changed to SE 176; instructor changed to TBA.
    PL S 274A2050655Instructor changed to M.E. Keith.
    PSY 201GA0651180Class time changed to 1800-1915.
    SPAN 212A7041053Instructor changed to TBA.
    STAT 251GA0140384Class days changed to Mon/Wed.
    STAT 251GA0140384Instructor changed to K. Reid.