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Transfer Students


Transfer Students

To begin the transfer process, contact Rose Pena, your NMSU-A Transfer Advisor.
NMSU Alamogordo
2400 N. Scenic Drive
Alamogordo, NM 88310
With good planning, you can earn the Associate Degree in two years and finish the bachelor’s in another two years. Find out how today!


The New Mexico General Education Common Core is the general education component within all bachelor’s degree at public institutions of higher learning in New Mexico. In the NMSU System of campuses, the 35-36 credits of Common Core classes are all lower division (100-200 level) and designated with a G suffix (eg., ENGL 111G, MATH 121G, etc.) All NMSU system-wide courses with a G suffix fit somewhere in the five areas of the New Mexico General Education Common Core model.

Applied Courses

Like most community colleges, NMSU-A offers many technical or applied courses that are designed to train students to develop very specific skills. These applied courses carry college level degree credit, but cannot count toward the New Mexico General Education Common Core. It is up to each receiving academic department at NMSU-Las Cruces to determine if and how they will accept specific applied courses toward their bachelor’s degree programs.

Successful Planning

A successful transfer from NMSU-A to NMSU-Las Cruces requires strategic planning. Don’t assume anything: THINK, RESEARCH, SEEK ACADEMIC ADVISING & PLAN AHEAD. THe best strategy you and your academic advisor can employ is to reverse engineer your chosen bachelor’s degree backward into an associate degree that will completely transfer. The college offering your bachelor’s degree will dictate which courses they accept. NMSU-A and NMSU academic advisors and the transfer advisor are your partners in the academic planning process. Initiate contact with them and plan throughout the year with them, not just during busy registration times.

Start Today!

Talk with your academic advisor today about developing a long range plan to earn your bachelor’s degree. Whether you plan to transfer to NMSU, another New Mexico college or university, or one out-of-state, your advisor can lead you in a straight line toward your educational goal. It’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make!


As you plan your college career, there are 3 places you will find degree requirements:

  1. The Catalogs
    Both the NMSU Catalog and the NMSU-A Catalog are essential tools for planning.
  2. The Star Degree Audit
    The degree audit system offers customized reports to track your progress toward any degree within the NMSU system of campuses. Access it HERE
  3. My Academic Plans (MAPS)
    This is a college-issued document that works well as a portable checklist for advising and planning. NMSU-A degree plans are available HERE

2013-2014 Transfer Map: Associate Degrees to Bachelor’s Degrees

NMSU-A Associate Degrees NMSU Bachelor’s Degrees
Associate of Arts Any Bachelor’s Degree at NMSU
Associate of Science (Includes General Engineering) Bachelor’s in Math, Science, Engineering, etc.
Associate of Criminal Justice Bachelor of Criminal Justice
Associate of Early Childhood Education B.S.Ed. in Early Childhood Education
Associate of Education Several B.S.Ed. Degrees in Teaching
Associate of Pre-Business Any Bachelor’s Degree in NMSU College of Business
A.A.S. in Computer Technology Bachelor of Information/Communication Technology
Associate of Social Services Bachelor of Social Work
Any Associate Degree Bachelor of Applied Studies

With good planning, all credits earned in the NMSU-A programs in the left column will apply toward the NMSU Bachelor’s degrees in the right column.