NMSU-A Office of Assessment

NMSU-Alamogordo Office of Assessment Mission Statement

In keeping with New Mexico State University-Alamogordo’s mission to provide quality learning opportunities for individuals in the diverse communities we serve, the Office of Assessment supports and facilitates campus efforts to collect, maintain, communicate and distribute information on assessment of student learning.


Philosophical Assumptions Guiding NMSU-A’s Office of Assessment

  • Student learning outcome (SLO) assessment can provide faculty with useful information that can be used to improve courses and programs.
  • SLO assessment is mainly the responsibility of faculty, who determine what students will learn at the academic course and program levels.
  • Conversations on the interpretation of data and its use to improve academic courses and programs should be led by campus faculty.
  • SLO assessment, to the degree possible, should be embedded in existing classroom activities.
  • SLO assessment practices should reflect the academic diversity of campus courses and programs as well as the diversity of NMSU-Alamogordo students.
  • SLO assessment processes will remain diversified and flexible and will not prescribe any specific assessment or instructional delivery methods.
  • Useful information revealed by NMSU-A course assessment and program review should be made available to the entire campus and to members of the community who have a stake and/or an interest in the academic success of NMSU-Alamogordo students.
  • SLO assessment processes must respect faculty rights and academic freedom.  SLO results will never be used in a punitive way.

Overview of Assessment at NMSUAlamogordo

Academic assessment at NMSU‐Alamogordo is led by the Vice‐President for Academic Affairs and takes place at the course, program and institutional levels.   The Office of Assessment provides leadership and support to instructors and committees involved in creating appropriate assessment processes and instruments; further, the Office of Assessment collects and reports assessment results and improvement initiatives to the campus and community.


NMSU-Alamogordo has established three faculty committees responsible for leading efforts to assess student learning:

¨     Teaching and Learning Committee: The Teaching and Learning Committee has

primary responsibility for course and classroom level assessment.

¨     Program Assessment Committee: The Program Assessment Committee has primary

responsibility for reviewing academic programs.

¨     General Education Assessment Committee: The General Education Assessment Committee has primary responsibility for institutional level general education SLO assessment processes.