CareerBeam is a comprehensive, 24/7, user-friendly online career center that helps you determine what you want in your career and offers the steps to realize that dream. No matter where you are along the career development journey, it is a self-paced process to help you discover your values, interests and personality style, clarify your career goals, develop a professional resume and cover letter, prepare for interviews, build a professional network, and implement a strategic career search. Contact JT at 439-3720 or for assistance.

CareerBeam can help you with:

  1. requires username and passwordCareer Exploration: Use in-depth assessments to discover your values, interests, skills and personality and how they translate into potential career opportunities.
  2. requires username and passwordCareer Planning: Understanding the type of industry and company you want for your career.
  3. requires username and passwordCareer Research: Various databases to help you research companies, locations, professional associations, and more!
  4. requires username and passwordGetting the Job: Creating your ‘sales pitch,’ networking, creating a cover letter and résumé and preparing for an interview.