Choices Planner

The Choices Planner is available to any NMSU-A student interested in career/academic planning, however, incoming degree seeking freshmen are required to complete the Interest Profiler portion before or during their first semester at NMSU-A. Upon completion of the Interest Profiler, incoming degree seeking freshmen are required to print out a copy of the results and bring them to an Academic Advisor for career/academic planning and course selection.

Accessing Choices Planner (Printable PDF Version)

  • If you are a new user to the Choices Planner, create your own user profile and personal logon information by choosing “create a new portfolio.” This will allow you to save your Choices usage history and come back at a later time and continue Choices. Upon initial setup you will be required to key in the the following NMSU-A Site ID & Password:
    • Site ID: 0109231
    • Password: H9q2r5N8

    Note that for future visits to Choices you can go directly to and sign in with your personal logon.

  • Once you have signed in, click on “Choices Planner”
  • Under the “Work” Tab, click on “Interest Profiler”
  • Answer all of the questions carefully and remember that this is not about what you know how to do, but rather what you would like to do. Pay attention to the action words like “build” or “help” as well as the job itself.
  • After you have finished, the planner will break your scores down into six categories, or personality profiles, based on your interests
  • Go to matching careers to see a list of careers that fit your top two profiles. Also, take note of the profile least developed, as this is likely not an area you would be happy to pursue.
  • Each specific career offers categories such as money and outlook, what to learn, work values, and skills. While optional, these can be very helpful to review.
  • Complete the Planner Worksheet (PDF Format) and bring it to an Academic Advisor.
  • The Interest Profile will also be saved to your portfolio, which you can access at anytime.
  • While only the Interest Profiler is required, students are urged to access other components of the Choices Planner. If you have questions about the Choices Planner please call Advising at NMSU-A at 575-439-3720 or via email at