Chemistry is known as the “Central Science”, as it relates to all branches of the Natural Sciences and is imperative for a full understanding of these other branches.

Although NMSU-A has no associate degree nor certificate program available specifically for chemistry, classes taken in chemistry can apply as a science credit toward an Associate of Arts Degree (link in PDF Format) or an Associate Degree in General Studies (link in PDF Format). Chem 110G is a prerequisite for many biology courses and is required for our Nursing Program. Many science and engineering degrees also require the one year sequence in General Chemistry (Chem 111&112). Usually chemistry courses taken here at NMSUA easily transfer to other New Mexico Universities.

Classes Offered

Chem 110G: Principles and Applications of Chemistry
Chem 110G Lab: Principles and Applications of Chemistry Laboratory
Chem 111: General Chemistry I
Chem 111 Lab: General Chemistry I Laboratory
Chem 112: General Chemistry II
Chem 112 Lab: General Chemistry II Laboratory

See the Class Schedule to find out which classes are currently being offered. The abbreviation for Chemistry is “CHEM”.

See the Course Descriptions for a listing of all Chemistry classes that may be offered at NMSU-A in any given semester.

Degrees & Certificates

We do not offer any degrees nor certificates in Chemistry.