Ballroom Dancing: Salsa

Instructor: Weldon Ganaway

Day: Tuesday
Date: October 1-29, 2013
Time: 7-8:30pm
Location: Tays Gym
Age: Teens & Adults
Cost: $40

Salsa is not easily defined but the name “salsa” surely describes the flavor of this dance: HOT! Danced correctly, there’s a lot of shakin’, shimmying, and hip action going on. ¬†Join us for the invigorating Latin rhythms and exciting moves. (5 sessions)

Comments from Previous Students

  • “Class was well organized and provided hours of enjoyment”
  • “Weldon is a great and patient instructor”
  • “The pace was perfect. It is amazing how Weldon can switch from the male to the female steps”
  • “More! More! More!”