Certified Fiber Optic Specialist/Outside Plant Installation (CFOS/O)

Instructor: Bill Pruett

Days: Saturday – Sunday
Dates: Spring  2015
Time: 8am-5pm
Age: Adult
Location: NMSU-A Campus
Cost: $775

This 2-day fiber optic specialist course is designed for anyone interested in learning how to properly install Outside Plant (OSP) Fiber Optics Cabling. This Fiber Optic training combines lecture sessions with 85% hands-on activities to prepare the student to take the CFOS/O hands-on and written exams that are sanctioned by the FOA (Fiber Optics Association) and given and graded the final class day.

This course introduces the student to industry standards governing the installation, testing, and troubleshooting of OSP fiber optics cable. Proper Mid-Span Access procedures will be demonstrated during class. Students will learn how to properly identify OSP fiber cabling types, recognize various outside plant closures used in OSP fiber installation, install, prepare, terminate, splice, and properly test and troubleshoot installed OSP fiber cable to existing standards.

Course fee includes study materials, text book, CD and exams.
Note: The student must pass both the written and hands on exams to successfully pass this course.  This course is accredited by BICSI for CECs (pending). (2 sessions)

Prerequisite: CFOT Course or another Formal Fiber Optics Training Course within preceding 6 months, or 1 Year Fiber Optics Related Experience.  Must have taken and passed the Basic CFOT Exam prior to registering Outside Plant Specialist Certification (CFOS/O) with the FOA. This course may be taken immediately after successfully completing the CFOT course.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program which is sanctioned by the Fiber Optic Association.

Textbook:  Fiber Optics Technician’s Reference Manual by Jim Hayes. Supplementary study materials include course CD and Student Lab Manual.  Course fee includes all study materials, consumables and exams.

Course Schedule

Day – 1:

  • Introduction: OSP Plant Cabling
  • OSP Cable Preparation
  • Installation of Fan Out Kits and Connectors
  • Hands On activities begin.  Students are required to build, test and troubleshoot his/her own OSP fiber optics network.
  • Closures: Types and Hardware
  • Splicing:  Mechanical and Fusion
  • Preparation and Cleaning of OSP Cable
  • Fiber Optics Safety
  • Hands-on Session Continues
  • Study Question Review Session

Day – 2:

  • Lecture Session Continues
  • Mid-Span Access
  • Hands On Session Continues
  • OTDR, OLTS, VFL Procedures
  • OSP Fiber Plant Testing, Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Written and Hands-on Exams:  Students must pass both written and hands-on exams to receive FOA Certification
  • Study Question Review Session


Student comments:

“Instructor had excellent communication and presentation.”