Medical Transcription Editor Program


Cost:$2,995 w/certificate includes online program, 10 book text companion set, shipping, and foot pedal.
Dates: Enroll anytime! You have access to the online program for one year. Start the day you register.
Special Offer: Pay in full and receive a free Laptop, iPad, Kindle (S&H paid at registration) or $300 off the course price!Location: Online course through CareerStep

Course Description:

The online program consists of 23 course modules and is designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills of both medical transcriptionists and specialized medical transcription editors.  This will help prepare you for the future of the industry as it relies more on speech recognition technology.  Knowledgeable student support advisors are available to help you complete the program from start to finish. Take up to one full year to complete the online curriculum.

Overview and Approximate Hours

  • Program Orientation  (1)
  • Medical Transcription Editing Industry  (5)
  • Techno logy and the Medical Professional  (5)
  • Keyboard Kinetics  (10)
  • Medical Word Building  (15)
  • Grammar and Punctuation  (10)
  • Anatomy, Pathophysiology,& Disease Processes-Block 1 (25)
  • Anatomy, Pathophysiology,& Disease Processes-Block 2 (20)
  • Mastering Medical language  (5)
  • Pharmacology  (15)
  • Healthcare Documentation  (10)
  • Diagnostic Reports  (20)
  • Focus on Medical Specialties  (30)
  • Midterm  (0.5)
  • Introduction to Transcription  (13)
  • Transcription Clinic Notes  (105)
  • Transcription Basic Acute Care  (100)
  • Transcription Advanced Acute Care   (150)
  • Editing Theory  (15)
  • Editing Technique  (20)
  • Editing Clinic Notes  (25)
  • Editing Acute Care  (40)
  • Final Exam Prep  (0.5)                                                                                                                     TOTAL:  640 hours

For more information contact:

NMSU-A Continuing Education Staff575-439-3842