Dr. David Townsend

Dr. David Townsend historian and former New Mexico state legislator from Alamogordo, has spent his career educating people about the history of New Mexico. Dr. Townsend is a popular speaker who continues to research local topics in an effort to promote the Tularosa Basin. During his tenure as professor and CEO of NMSU Alamogordo, Townsend researched and lectured on the works of Eugene Manlove Rhodes.


Townsend is also an authority on the early development of Alamogordo by the Eddy brothers and their unique liquor control concept commonly called “Block 50.” His proudest honor is that the library at New Mexico State University Alamogordo is the David H. Townsend Library. He is delighted that it is not the David H. Townsend Memorial Library. We are proud to present his newest class on Senator Albert Bacon Fall and the tragedy of Teapot Dome.