Heather Dimitt

is experienced in social media, working with Generation Y, and training others to use social media. She is director of membership services with a national education association where she does consulting, speaking and writing. She has a background teaching at-risk 14-18 year olds and was an administrator with the public school district in Columbia, Missouri, where she regularly encouraged high school and post-secondary teachers to utilize the numerous resources available on the web.  Heather has a Masters Degree in Education from the University of South Dakota.



Instructor: Ray Pawley

Course ID: FA1219

Course Title: Wild Animals of the Wild West

Days: Wed

Dates: 10/24

Time: 6-8pm

Location: TBA

Age: Adult

Fee: $25.00

Min Students:

Max Students:


Course Description: Nowhere is wildlife more fascinating than here in New Mexico. Some animals are

familiar like bear, bison, cougar, and hummingbirds but others are unfamiliar, such as

oryx, aoudad, and even camels. Through a Zoo Man’s eyes, find out secrets for getting

close to, or avoiding, wildlife in nature. How close should you get to a bear? Or a deer?

Or a skunk? You will have a unique opportunity to examine a live Western

Diamondback Rattlesnake, one of the West’s most famous and notorious icons, safely

enclosed in a clear plastic tube, in close-up, exquisite detail.

Learn about changes that have affected New Mexico’s wildlife and its people over the

last Century. Find out why we are eating beef instead of bison, and much more. (1