Jeremy Stein

has been a photographer of one sort or another all his life. He began as a volunteer apprentice (at about 10 years old) to the “town photographer” in the southern Vermont village where he grew up. This gentleman taught Stein how to use his unwieldy view cameras and his darkroom, which he used to make the photos he shot of the local events and citizens.

From the very first time Stein saw a blank sheet of paper in the developing tray magically turn into a photograph, he knew he had to be a photographer. That magic is still there for him, undiminished.  He went on to a very different career, but always took pictures as an avocation.  He has done portraiture, advertising and commercial photographs, and a great deal of scientific and technical photography.  He is now a full-time fine art nature photographer.

“I regard myself as a nature photographer, trying to capture and display the forms and aspects of our world. I want to show the underlying patterns and details in nature and the world in general, especially those elements which we usually see fleetingly or not at all. I am fascinated by the unimaginable complexity and richness of detail seen in all life, and do my best to capture it in my photographs.” – Stein