Steve Christman

Practically a native to New Mexico, Steve moved from Chicago to Albuquerque in 1976. He was given a camera as a gift years ago from his mother to use on a trip. He got some interesting photos back from the lab and from that moment on he was hooked! Eager to soak up more knowledge, he got his hands on reading materials and was mentored by friends who were in the business.

Steve also took courses in photography and attended some workshops and lectures by world renowned photographers such as Jerry Uelsmann, Galen Rowell and David Muench.

His photographs have been published in the prestigious Photographer’s Forum annual book Best of 2000 and 2003. Steve’s work has received many acclaimed awards, receiving notoriety in the N.M. State Fair, N.M. Field Guide to the Sandias and others. He has also displayed his work in various galleries and other locations.

“Currently I am branching into other areas of photography including commercial work, portraits, weddings, and teaching outdoor workshops. My enthusiasm remains with the beauty and natural wonders of the outdoors and what it has to offer.”

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