Computer Science

Computers affect and transform every aspect of our lives. Traditional industries and sciences rely more and more upon computer science, driving the rapid innovations we see in medicine, technology, communications, physical sciences, commerce, and human relationships. A wide range of employers—from telecommunications companies to scientific research organizations, from digital entertainment companies to educational institutions, and from large medical facilities to small local construction companies—need trained computer professionals with skills in networking, information management, hardware management and troubleshooting, programming, and software proficiency.

NMSU-A can start you on your path toward becoming a computer professional in many ways. In a friendly atmosphere in which to collaborate, learn, and succeed, you can take courses where you receive hands-on experience using the latest hardware and software. You can start building your computer skills or improve your current job skills. You can earn a certificate in Basic Computer Skills, Game Programming, Microcomputer Applications, Microcomputer Technology, Basic Web Design, or Web Mastery. If you want to focus on obtaining thorough preparation, NMSU-A offers an Associate Degree in Computing with fields of concentration in Game Programming, Microcomputer Applications, Microcomputer Technology, and Web Mastery.

You can also apply individual computer courses to earn certificates or degrees in other fields such as Business, Business Office Technology, Engineering, or Technical Communications. Certificates can be applied toward Associate Degrees or combined to demonstrate specific knowledge in areas that are in high demand. Whatever your needs are, NMSU-A can prepare you for an entry level position, enhance your job skills, or start you on your path to a Bachelor’s Degree.

Classes Offered

  • See the Class Schedule to find out which classes are currently being offered. The abbreviation for Computer Science is “C S”.
  • See the Course Descriptions for a listing of all Computer Science classes that may be offered at NMSU-A in any given semester.

Degrees & Certificates