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Renewable Energy Courses


Renewable Energy Courses

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AC Circuits

ContEd SP19 – 16 (NMSU-A: TCEN 121 A01)
Instructor: Mark Nelson
Jan 16 – May 10 (Tues/Thurs); 4:00pm – 6:05pm

Cost: $344/$404 (In/Out District)

TAYS – Room 176. Course begins with an overview of the primary components of AC circuits, such as resistors, inductors, rectifiers, transformers and capacitors. The course gradually introduces new, more, complicated topics like applying AC principles in power generation and generators, motors, parallel and combination circuits, troubleshooting and evaluation of circuit conditions. Electricians earn 8 CEUs upon completion of this class. Instructor consent required. (4 credits)



NABCEP Exam Review

ContEd SP19 – 17 (NMSU-A: TCEN 252 A40)
Instructor: Clay Blevins
Jan 16 – May 10 (Friday 6:00pm – 8:00pm & Saturday 12:00pm – 3:00pm)

Cost: $86/$101 (In/Out District) $125 to sit for NABCEP EXAM

TAYS ROOM 175. Course presents knowledge, key terms, and concepts of photovoltaic systems and solar hot water systems as related to the NABCEP Entry-level exam. This exam is for those wanting to enter the workforce in either solar thermal or solar PV. Scheduling and taking the exam is the responsibility of the student.



Wind Power Generation

ContEd SP19 – 18 (NMSU-A: TCEN 115 A01)
Instructor: TBA
Jan 16 – May 10 (Tuesday/Thursday); 6:30pm – 7:45pm

Cost: $258/$303 (In/Out District)

TAYS ROOM 175. Course covers wind turbine module descriptions and functions and wind system installation, operation, and troubleshooting. Additional topics include wind energy harvesting and the conversion process from the generator system to electricity. (3 credits)




Photo Voltaic Grid Tie Installation

ContEd SP19 – 19 (NMSU-A: TCEN 222 A01)
Instructor: Mark Nelson
Jan 17 – May 10 (Saturday); 8:00am – 12:50pm

Cost: $344/$404 (In/Out District)

TAYS ROOM 175. This is a more advanced course culminating in a PV system-to-grid connection. This course includes gathering site-specific data, design, wire type and sizing specific to project, installation of all solar modules and balance of system (BOS) components, and grounding and bonding of system components, all in accordance with the latest NEC. Upon project design approval, a system will be commissioned for the grid. Decommissioning will commence after measurements and troubleshooting as directed by the instructor. (4 credits) Consent of instructor required.




Solar Thermal SHW Principles

ContEd SP19 – 20 (NMSU-A: TCEN 241 A01)
Instructor: Tracey Tyler
Jan 16 – May 10 (Saturday); 8:00am – 11:20pm

Cost: $258/$303 (In/Out District)

TAYS ROOM 176. Curse presents the theory, installation, operation, and maintenance of solar hot water (SHW) systems. Topics include the types of systems to choose, the costs associated with SHW installation and operation, system sizing requirements, batteries and battery chemistry. (3 credits)




Building Weatherization & Auditing Fundamentals

ContEd SP19 – 21 (NMSU-A: TCEN 246 A01)
Instructor: Gilberto Chavez
Jan 16 – May 10 (Tuesday/Thursday); 4:00am – 5:15pm

Cost: $258/$303 (In/Out District)

TAYS ROOM 175. Course provides information on how to locate air leaks and identify heat losses or gains through specific testing. Students will learn how to inspect and evaluate building envelopes, mechanical systems, and ventilation systems to determine the safety and energy consumption for each system. (3 credits)




Renewable Energy System Troubleshooting & Maintenance

ContEd SP19 – 22 (NMSU-A: TCEN 253 A01)
Instructor: Gilberto Chavez
Jan 16 – May 10 (Tuesday/Thursday); 5:30pm – 7:10pm

Cost: $258/$303 (In/Out District)

TAYS ROOM 175. Covers wind, solar and solar thermal system troubleshooting and maintenance topics to include equipment, electrical, and installation problem areas. (3 credits)