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Degrees and Certificates

New Mexico State University Alamogordo

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Friday, August 11th (5 PM) is the deadline for submitting applications for admission as a new or transfer student for classes beginning Aug. 16th.
Applications will continue to be processed for the 2nd 8-week session beginning Oct. 9th.

Degrees and Certificates

  • For information on any given academic area, regardless as to whether a degree or certificate is offered in that area, please see the Areas of Study listing.
  • If you have questions concerning any of these degrees or certificates please contact Academic Advising at (575) 439-3720 or fill out the web form on the Contact Us page.
In the tables below you will find all NMSU-A degrees organized by either degree type or subject area.

Degrees and Certificates organized by type

Degrees and Certificates organized by subject area

Please reference the following table when browsing the degrees.
AbbreviationType of Degree
ADAssociate Degree
AASAssociate of Applied Science