Dual Credit FAQ’s

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NMSU-A admissions policy requires juniors and seniors to have a 2.0 GPA in order to take vocational, technical, or applied courses and a 3.0 GPA to take academic courses. Sophomores must have a 3.75 GPA. Some courses require taking a placement test before enrolling to ensure all students the greatest chance for success. Some courses, including PE and developmental courses, do not qualify as part of Dual Credit.

If you wish to participate in Dual Credit, first you will need to consult your high school counselor. Then, you will interview with the Dual Credit Advisor. Also, you must provide the following documentation:

  1. completed, signed, and dated Agreement of Understanding,
  2. completed, signed, and dated Dual Credit Request Form, and
  3. high school transcript.

In all cases, the college Dual Credit Advisor has the final decision on course selection.
As a Dual Credit student, you are admitted to NMSU-A in a nondegree-seeking status. After high school graduation, you must apply for admission and change your status to degree-seeking in order to continue.

An overview of Dual Credit, the instructions, and necessary forms are available here in PDF format. You can print these forms or obtain a copy from your high school counselor or Dual Credit Advisor at NMSU-A.

Dual Credit Forms