Important Dual Credit Information

  • Online Course Information

    •           If a student chooses to take an online course they will be required to attend a mandatory orientation for the Canvas Program
                Students will be required to get into contact with the LTC and set up and appointment for the Canvas Training.
                Contact Information Phone – LTC (575) 439-3851 email –


  • Student ID’s

    •           While student ID’s aren’t a requirement for dual credit students it is highly recommended that a student obtain one since they allow for free access to certain student events and are free for the first one.
                To obtain your student ID you will need to have your banner ID on hand as well as a photo ID card before going to receive your student ID.
                The office for Student ID’s is located in the back part of the Library and hours are posted on the door.


  • Student Fees

    •           It is important to note that while the state pays for tuition and the High Schools pay for the books there are certain course fees that can be charged to the student depending on the course they take.
                Examples of these fees can be seen in applied art courses and technical courses which may require additional materials outside of the textbooks and tuition.


  • Staying in Contact with Instructors

    •           It is important to stay in contact with your instructor to ensure your academic success. Their contact information is generally provided in the class syllabus along with office hours.


  • Academic Records

    •           Please note that dual credit is the beginning of your Secondary Education academic record and can/will effect your Financial Aid eligibility.


  • Important Dates


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