Information for Parents

  • As your student may have a desire to participate in Dual Credit it is important to know the rights that you as parents have and the rights that the students have under the FERPA policy.


  • FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and protects students rights in regards to their information such as grades and financial information they may have with NMSU-A.

For parents of dual-credit students: Students who are enrolled in both high school and courses at a postsecondary institution provide a unique situation. While the rights under FERPA belong to the parents with respect to high school records, they belong to the student with respect to the postsecondary records.

NMSU-A strongly encourages parents of dual-credit students to respect the student’s ownership of his or her education record at the college level and seek ways to gain that information while safeguarding the student’s rights and responsibilities. Faculty teaching dual-credit courses will make every attempt to communicate with and through the student, as an important maturation point for college students.

For parents with students in the dual-credit program, we ask that parent communication is made first with the student; then, in rare instances, with the instructor


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