Education Department

The NMSU-A Education Department offers associate degrees in both education and early childhood education. The Associate Degree in Education is designed to prepare the student for work as a teacher’s aide, substitute teacher, or other paraprofessional in elementary or secondary schools. The curriculum is also designed for maximum application of credits to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) at NMSU for those students planning to complete the Bachelor’s Degree in Education and include the lower division courses required for entry into the TEP.

The Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare highly qualified to become teachers, assistant teachers, or family day care providers in professional child care for children ages birth through age eight years. Students may choose to continue their education at any four year institution in New Mexico. Students in the Early Childhood Education program will gain a broad understanding of the specific needs of young children and develop strategies for meeting those needs. The Early Childhood Associate Degree will also fill the criteria for the most highly qualified professional in an early childhood position under No Child Left Behind.

Classes Offered


  • C EP 110G: Human Growth and Behavior
  • C EP 210:  Educational Psychology


  • ECED 115:  Child Growth, Development and Learning
  • ECED 125:  Health, Safety and Nutrition
  • ECED 135:  Family and Community Collaboration
  • ECED 215:  Curriculum Development and Implementation
  • ECED 220:  Early Childhood Education Practicum I
  • ECED 225:  Curriculum Development and Implementation II
  • ECED:230:  Early Childhood Education Practicum II
  • ECED 235:  Introduction to Reading and Literacy Development
  • ECED 245:  Early Childhood Education Professionalism
  • ECED 255:  Assessment of Children and Evaluation of Programs
  • ECED 265:  Guiding Young Children


  • EDUC 161:  Project Wild
  • EDUC 162:  Project Wet
  • EDUC 163:  Project Learning Tree
  • EDUC 164: White Sands: The Outdoor Classroom
  • EDUC 181:  Field Experience I
  • EDUC 195:  Individual Topics in Education


  • EMD 101:  Freshman Orientation
  • EMD 250:  Introduction to Education

See the Class Schedule to find out which classes are currently being offered. The abbreviations are, respectively:  ”C EP,” “ECED,” “EDUC,” and, “ELA.”

See the Course Descriptions for a listing of all Education classes that may be offered at NMSU-A in any given semester.

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