Environmental Science

Environmental Science (E S 110G) as an online course for NMSU Alamogordo has attracted many students who need to complete their science requirement. Enrollment is quite good with classes filling to capacity and additional requests to join after the course has closed. Many of these students are education majors who are not science minded, however when faced with the mental challenges of thinking about the environment and our place in it typically rise to the occasion.

The class follows the chapter sequence in the textbook and involves weekly quizzes covering the chapter material, as well as weekly discussions where the students must choose from a series of assigned questions, post answers to 2 of these, and respond other students’ posts. This typically is well received, students do a wonderful job of discussing the topics at hand, many of which they have not considered before.

The lab component of the course has varied by semester and has involved the students completing assignments at the end of the chapter which include graphing exercises, finding data on government web pages, and completing calculations. There have also been term paper assignments covering national park usage and management. Future development of the class lab component will incorporate current literature, both scientific in nature and from the public forum, to teach the students to critically evaluate the scientific claims they hear everyday in the public media. Careful evaluation of current issues is critical in decision making both in the home and in society and would benefit students by allowing them to apply the concepts they are learning in the class to real world situations.

Classes Offered

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