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Water Outage

Dear Campus Community,

Our water problem on the east side of Scenic is severe and will require substantial time to fix. Therefore, the campus will remain closed until Monday, April 22. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but we cannot expose our faculty, staff and students to unsanitary conditions.

Classes in the Tays Center will continue as normal.

Thank you,


Ken Van Winkle
NMSU Alamogordo

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Faculty Assembly


Faculty Assembly

The New Mexico State University at Alamogordo Branch Community College Faculty Consortium Committee was established in July, 2002. The working body of the Faculty Consortium, the Faculty Assembly, is made up of elected members from all faculty.

NMSU-Alamogordo first faculty committee was the Senior Faculty Committee. In 1997, the Junior Faculty Committee was created. In April, 2001, Assistant Professor Sue Frantz, the Junior Faculty Chair, and Professor Clint Burleson, Senior Faculty Chair, proposed to unify the NMSU-A faculty into one committee. A steering committee, chaired by Dr. James Gallagher, developed bylaws for such an organization. Working with faculty and administration, the steering committee fine-tuned the bylaws. The bylaws were passed by a majority of faculty; the Junior and Senior Faculty Committees were dissolved; and in July, 2002 the Faculty Consortium was officially established within the NMSU-A committee system.

In 2006, the Faculty Assembly was given a vote in the Academic Council. The Faculty Assembly also has a vote in APAC.

Chairs: 2002-2003, John Haley; 2003-2004, Bob Pena; 2004-2006, Jeanette Little; 2006-2007, Joyce Hill; 2007-2008, Wayne McGowan; 2008-2009, John Haley; 2009-2010, Sara Irving; 2010-2011: Ray Nejeres; 2011-2012: James Gallagher; 2012-2014: Wayne McGowan.

Vice-Chairs: 2002-2003, Cathy Kerska; 2003-2004, Connie Breding and Lea Rano; 2004-2005, Linda Fritze; 2005-2006, Jim Gallagher; 2006-2007, Wayne McGowan; 2007-2008, Bette Berry; 2008-2009, Sara Irving; 2009-2010, Matthew Placencio; 2010-2011: Connie Breding; 2011-2012: Wayne McGowan. 2012-2013: Carrie Baldwin; 2013-2014: Robert Klinger.

Recording Secretaries: 2002-2004, Jim Gallagher; 2005-2006, Claire Tiller; 2007-2010, Bill Lockhart; 2007-2012: Wanda Wakkinen; 2012-2014: Bill Lockhart.

Faculty Mentorship Program

If you are willing to be a mentor, or are looking for a mentor, please fill out this online form.

For more information, please see the Faculty Mentorship Handbook.

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