Frank Webb


College Associate Professor of Philosophy

M.A., California State University Fresno

M.A., Mennonite Brethren Bible Seminary

Born in Fresno, California, January 24, 1946.  B.A.  from California State University 1973, Majors in Industrial Arts and History.  M.A. from Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary 1977, Major in Biblical Studies.  M.A. from California State University, 1988, Major in History.  Lifetime Certification: California secondary schools.  Lifetime Certification:  California Community Colleges in the areas of Inductrial Arts and History.  Professional artist 1975-1988.  Began teaching at NMSU-A Summer I, 1989.  Married to Marilyn for 27 years.  Three children all having attended NMSU-A.