The mission of the Area of Government at NMSU-Alamogordo is to produce and impart knowledge and skills necessary for understanding political issues and participating in public affairs.

Most everyone knows that we, in the United States, live in a democracy, but does everyone really know how and why democracy works? Students who take classes in Government at NMSU-Alamogordo do! From learning the basic structure of the three branches of government to studying the intricacies of international politics, NMSU-Alamogordo students have the chance to unravel the mysteries of government and political science, just by enrolling in classes such as GOVT 100G: American National Government and GOVT 160G: International Political Issues.

All Government courses taught at NMSU-Alamogordo are “G” courses and fulfill requirements for many degree plans.

Don’t stay stuck in a cave! Become an enlightened political animal in Government classes at NMSU-Alamogordo!

Classes Offered

  • See the Class Schedule to find out which classes are currently being offered. The abbreviation for Government is “GOVT”.
  • See the Course Descriptions for a listing of all Government classes that may be offered at NMSU-A in any given semester.

Degrees & Certificates