Alternative Energy Program

Program Details:

Alternative Energy At NMSU-A
  • NABCEP Entry-­‐Level Exam Focused Curriculum
  • (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners)

  • PNM Awarded Grant for Electrical Grid-­‐Tie
  • New Facilities with State-­‐of-­‐the-­‐Art Equipment
  • Installation Modules Under Construction
  • Accepted by New Mexico Workforce Connection
  • Internships being developed
    The Alternative Energy program offers certificates of completion in the following areas: “Certificate in Photovoltaic (PV) Entry Level – Grid-Tie”; “Certificate in Advanced Photovoltaic Installation”. The first of these certificate  programs is designed for the student who has little or no knowledge of PV and wants to see if they would be interested in entering the PV workforce. The second certificate is for those students who have some knowledge of the PV field and wish to increase their knowledge and/or prepare for the entry level North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) exam.  The Alternative Energy curriculum begins with fundamental courses and builds toward a greater knowledge of the material while combining laboratory periods of hands-on work with real energy equipment.  This proven combination provides the necessary link for taking the coursework theory to an application level and ensuring the success of the graduates in their chosen field.

    Our primary objective is to prepare the graduate for an entry-level position in industry. Find Careers.

    The small classes in the Alternative Energy Technology Program result in a student/instructor ratio that allows personal interaction, which strengthens the educational process. This is particularly a great benefit in the laboratory where the instructor can give individualized instruction using the test equipment and in circuit construction. Instructors are recruited that have experience in industry as well as teaching credentials. This brings real world knowledge to the classroom assisting the student in applying the theory to practical applications and produces an enhanced understanding of the course work.

    NMSU-A is the only school in NM to have the ability to connect to the grid for training. Students participating in the Renewable Energy program will be able to actually see the PV system generating power onto the grid and watch the meter run backwards as it does so. “That is why we install PV systems – to reduce the amount of energy you have to pay for,” says instructor, Clay Blevins.

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    Certificate Programs:

    STEM-Certificate Flyer spring 2014 STEM-Certificate Flyer spring 2014