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Setup and Publish Your Web Page

Information Technology Services

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Friday, August 11th (5 PM) is the deadline for submitting applications for admission as a new or transfer student for classes beginning Aug. 16th.
Applications will continue to be processed for the 2nd 8-week session beginning Oct. 9th.

Setup and Publish Your Web Page

Computer Lab Hours
Monday ‑ Thursday
8:00am ‑ 8:00pm
8:00am ‑ 5:00pm
Saturday - Sunday

Using Secure File Transfer to upload your web page

  • You must first obtain a Linux account.
  • You will first need to use a secure shell program like Putty to log into your Linux account with the login name and password email to you.
  • You will log into your account by running your secure shell program. You will then need to create a public_ html directory, this is where your web page will be uploaded.
  • The public_ html directory is where your web pages must be stored to be accessible via the address: where username is the name that you use to log into the system.
  • You can then drag your files over to the public_html folder.