Dr. Jan Starr

Assistant Professor/Nursing Program Director

D.D., American Institute of Holistic Theology at Birmingham

Office Located SC 170      Office Phone: 439-3878

Jan Starr has previously taught full time at both NMSU–Las Cruces and NMSU-A from 1985-1992; after that, she taught as adjunct faculty while working as one of New Mexico’s Director of Nursing for Public Health until late in 2000. Major life changes took Jan away from New Mexico for a few years, yet all the while, she missed the “land of enchantment” so she planned a return when the opportunity presented itself. Jan has returned to New Mexico to accept the faculty position of Nursing Program Director with the rank of Assistant Professor at NMSU-A.

Jan has the experience of climbing the health care career ladder:
while in High School was trained as an aide in PT-Rehab (1968); LPN training Indiana Vocational Technical College (1970); ADN Purdue University (1976); BSN Indiana University (1982); MSN Clinical Specialist Courses at Indiana University Purdue University (1982-1984); MS Counseling Ed Psy NMSU –Las Cruces ( 1986);
MSN Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing at UTEP ( 1991); Doctorate of Divinity with major in Integrative Medicine and Alterative Care American Institute of Holistic Theology ( 2000).

Dr. Jan Starr’s professional philosophy is “L.A.U.G.H.-T.E.R.” which stands for:
Leadership with Acceptance, Understanding, Gratitude, Helpfulness;
Teach – Trust and Truth, with Energy of Exuberance, Respect and Reverence to all.”