Library Computers Policy

General Rules

  • There is no time limit for computer use, but when there is a waiting list, and a student has been using a computer for over an hour, the computer may be re-assigned.
  • Please observe closing time. An announcement is made about 30 minutes prior to the lab’s closing. All printers will be turned off about 15 minutes before closing.
  • The college maintains the computers for students to master course-related skills and to complete course assignments.
  • Individuals creating a disturbance or making excessive noise may be asked to leave.
  • No pornography allowed.

Computing Equipment Policies

  • Installing software is prohibited. Only college owned software may be run. Users may not load or copy software on any computer.
  • Anything you may have added to the hard drive will be erased when the computer is turned off. Users can save their documents on their own storage devices.