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Alternative Energy Resources

Books.Google.Com for reviews and library locations

  • Anderson, Bruce and Wells, Malcolm.”Passive Solar Energy — The Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Heating and Cooling”, 2005, A down-to-earth free online book, 160 pages http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/SolarHomes/PasSolEnergyBk/PSEbook.htm
    Austin Energy “Green Building Sustainable Building Source book”, 2011. 50+ pages, On-Line book by a power company, few pictures, lots of ideas, sort of like the LEED building program.
  • Balcomb J. Douglas,” Passive Solar Buildings, 1992, 500+ pages, 36 chapters, Balcomb’s compendium of 70-80s solar research. NMSU Library, Las CrucesChiras, Dan, “The Solar House, Passive Heating and Cooling”, 2002, Holloman Base LibraryCrosbie, Michael J., “The Passive Solar Design and Construction Handbook”, 1997, Wiley, 300+ pages
    (construction details) “Library Loan “Thomas Branigan Library, Las Cruces)Georgia Builder’s very complete guide to efficient houses 150+ pages http://www.southface.org/ez/media/georgiabuildersguide.pdf
  • Luce, Ben, “Passive Solar Design Guidelines for Northern New Mexico “, 2004, 30 p. of Balcomb’s expertise, http://www.nmsea.org/Education/Homeowners/Detailed_Passive_Solar_Guidelines.php
  • Mazria, Edward, “The Passive Solar Energy Book, A complete guide to Passive Solar Homes” 1979, 400+ pages, Oldie but goodie, Alamogordo Public Library.Southface Home energy DIY projects, 86 pages. download http://www.southface.org/ez/media/homeenergyprojects.pdf
  • Tickell, Joshua, “From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank” Guide to Using Veg. Oil as an Alternative Fuel, 2000, 160 pages. How to DIY Biodiesel. Alamogordo Public Library. 629.2538
  • TickWiles, John, “Photo Voltaic Power Systems and the National Electrical Code – Suggested Practices” 2010, 149 pages, rules for wiring PV, http://www.nmsu.edu/~tdi/Photovoltaics/Codes-Stds/PVnecSugPract.html
  • http://mackintosh.aud.ucla.edu/heed/ (HEED:
    Home Energy Efficient Design; free house energy program from UCLA. And free relatively local weather included. 2010, for Windows. Looks
    complete and complicated.)
  • http://www.wbdg.org/resources/energyanalysis.php (Nat. Inst. of Building Sciences is a giant URL about whole building design, & long articles on types, sources, predicted results (2011) Looks difficult.)
  • http://www.homerenergy.com/ (Nat. Renewable Energy Laboratory’s HOMER program for electricity analysis to find the best possible combination of alternative electricity.)
  • Don Starkey FreeEnergy, freenergynm@gmail.com 575-585-4931 (Solar Hot Water, Radiant Floor Heat, pool heating, designs, orders, repairs, advise for DIY)
  • Chris Niner, http://www.greenmountainsolar.com/
    , solarman@netmdc.com 575-430-0918 (Off-grid living and installs, orders, repairs Solar PV Electric, Wind Electric, Rain Collection.)
  • John Kloepper, shelka04@yahoo.com 575 -443-615 (Dealer in PV components and look at a working PV system)
  • Rod Sims, inspections, green plans 575.551.1662 (http://simsgreenenergy.com/)
  • Ed. Baker, Building Specialties, 575- 437-5055, (Master Carpenter, Passive solar additions.
    Passive solar home design.)
  • Otero County Habitat for Humanity, 575-437-6562 (Builds Energy Star, Green Built silver small
  • French Brothers Construction, http://www.frenchbrothers.com 575- 437-7134 (Energy Star private building contractor, Subcontracts for PV installations.)
  • http://www.nmsea.org/ (New Mexico Solar Energy Association, State wide organizations, (Alamogordo branch meets every (info on fact sheets, workshops, contractor listing, conventions, etc)
  • http://www.epsea.org/ (El Paso solar energy assn. lots of articles.)
  • http://www.ases.org/ (National – American Solar Energy Society, big multifasited organzation, their mag is SolarToday.)
  • http://www.solarenergy.org/ (Solar Energy International,
    Carbondale, CO, Solar Education.)
  • http://www.aaasolar.com/ (Solar in Albuquerque, Between Old Town and I-40 nice fact sheets, excellent
    on-line catalog, many essays on the active solar systems. New and Used.)
  • http://www.bergey.com/ (Wind Power retail, Norman , OK, many
    details about costs, siting and payback.)
  • http://www.affordable-solar.com/ (Wholesale
    Albuquerque Solar Electricity Store.)

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