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Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology

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Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology

AuthorTitleCall Number
Applebaum, Herbert A. Royal blue, the culture of construction workers HD 8039 .B92 .U54
Aschenbrenner, Joyce Lifelines: Black families in Chicago F 548.9 .N3 .A8 1983
Baker, Victoria J. A Sinhalese village in Sri Lanka: coping with uncertainty HC 424 .B35 1998
Barnett, H.G. Being a Palauan DU 780 .B28
Basso, Keith H. The Cibecue Apache E 99 .A6 .B228
Beals, Allan R. Gopalpur : a south Indian village DS 486 .G63 .B4
Beattie, John Bunyoro, an African kingdom DT 434 .U2 .B4
Beidelman, T.O. The Kaguru, a matrilineal people of East Africa DT 443 .B39
Benet, Sula. Abkhasians: the long-living people of the Caucasus DK 34 .A2 .B46
Berdan, Frances F. The Aztecs of Central Mexico: an imperial society F1219.73 .B47
Bishop, Naomi Hawes Himalayan Herders GN 635 .N425 B58 1998
Boissevain, Jeremy F. Hal-Farrug; a village in Malta DG 999 .H3 .B6
Brewis, Alexandra Lives on the line: women and ecology in a Pacific atoll GN 671 .K57 B74 1996
Brøgger, Jan. Nazaré; women and men in a prebureaucratic Portuguese fishing village HN 600 .N39 .B76 1992
Buechler, Hans. The Bolivian Aymara F 2230.2 .A9 .B8
Chagnon, Napoleon A. Yanomamo F 2520.1 .Y3 .C5 1992
Chagnon, Napoleon A. Yanomamo: the fierce people F 2520.1 .Y3 .C5 1983
Chance, Norman A. China’s urban villagers: life in a Beijing commune DS 795.2 .C48 1984
Chance, Norman A. China’s urban villagers; changing life in a Bei-jing suburb (2nd ed.) DS 795.2 .C48 1991
Chance, Norman A. The Eskimo of North Alaska E99 .E7 C5 1966
Chance, Norman A. The Iñupiat and Arctic Alaska: an ethnography of development E 99 .E7 .C52 1990
Chavez, Leo R. Shadowed lives: undocumented immigrants in American society JV 6926 .S26 .C43 1991
Chiñas, Beverly Newbold The Isthmus Zapotecs; a matrifocal cultural of Mexico F 1221 .Z3 .C46 1992
Chiñas, Beverly L. The Isthmus Zapotecs; women’s roles in cultural context F 1221 .Z3 .C46
Chris Apache odyssey: a journey between two worlds E 99.A6 C46 2002 Copy 1
Cohen, Ronald The Kanuri of Bornu DT 515.42 .C6
Crocker, William The Canela : bonding through kinship, ritual, and sex F 3722.1 .C23 .C76 1994
Daner, Francine Jeanne The American children of Krsna: a study of the Hare Krsna movement BL 1220 .D35
Deng, Francis Mading The Dinka of the Sudan DT 132 .D43
Dentan, Robert Knox The Semai: a nonviolent people of Malaya DS 595 .D44 Copy 1 & Copy 2
Diamond, Norma Kun Shen; a Taiwan village DS 895 .F75 .D5
Dougherty, Molly Crocker Becoming a woman in rural Black culture E 185.93 .F5 D68
Downs, James F. The Navajo E 99 .N3 .D69
Downs, James F. The two worlds of the Washo, an Indian tribe of California and Nevada E 99 .W38 .D6
Dozier, Edward P. Hano, a Tewa Indian community in Arizona E99 .T35 .D73
Dozier, Edward P. The Kalinga of northern Luzon, Philipines DS 666 .K3 .D59
Dozier, Edward P. The Pueblo Indians of North America E99 .P9 .D69 1970
Dunn, Stephen P. The peasants of central Russia HN 523.5 .D8
Ekvall, Robert B. Fields on the hoof; nexus of Tibetan nomadic pastoralism DS 786. E4 1968
Elota Elota’s story: the life and times of a Solomon Islands big man DU 850 .E44 A33 1983
Esman, Marjorie R. Henderson, Louisiana: cultural adaptation in a Cajun community F 379 .H46 .E86 1985
Fakhouri, Hani Kafr el-Elow: an Egyptian village in transition HN 790 .K33 .F34
Faron, Louis C. The Mapuche Indians of Chile F 3126 .F29
Fraser, Thomas M., Jr. Fishermen of South Thailand: the Malay villagers DS 570 .M3 .F7
Friedl, Ernestine Vasilika : a village in modern Greece HN 470 .V3 .F7
Friedland, William H. Migrant agricultural workers in America’s Northeast HD 1527 .A125 .F74
Fürer-Haimendorf, Christopher Von The Konyak Nagas; an Indian frontier tribe DS 432 .N3 .F76
Galt, Anthony H. Town and country in Locorotondo GN 585 .I8 G35 1992
Gamst, Frederick C. The hoghead: an industrial ethnology of the locomotive engineer HD 8039 .R322 .U53
Gamst, Frederick C. The Qemant : a pagan-Hebraic peasantry of Ethiopia DT 380 .G35
Garbarino, Merwyn S. Big Cypress: a changing Seminole community E 99 .S28 .G3
Gladney, Dru C. Ethnic identity in China: the making of a Muslim minority nationality DS 731 .M87 G528 1998
Goldschmidt, Walter The Sebei: a study in adaptation DT 433.245 .S24 .G65 1986
Grobsmith, Elizabeth S. Lakota of the Rosebud: a contemporary ethnography E 99.B8 G76 1981b
Halpern, Joel M. A Serbian village in historical perspective DR 312 .H322
Hallowell, A. Irving The Ojibwa of Berens River, Manitoba E 99 .C6 .H26 1991
Hart, C.W.M. The Tiwi of North Australia DU 125 .T5 .H37 1960
Hart, C.W.M. The Tiwi of North Australia, 2nd ed. DU 125 .T5 .H37 1988
Heider, Kari G. Grand Valley Dani, peaceful warrior DU 744.35 .D32 .H44
Heider, Kari G. Grand Valley Dani; Peaceful Warriors (2nd ed.) DU744.35 .D32 H44 1991
Herdt, Gilbert The Sambia: ritual and gender in New Guinea DU 740.42 .H45 1987
Hill, Robert M. Colonial Cakchiquels: Highland Maya adaptation to Spanish rule 1600-1700 F 1465 .C3.H55 1991
Hitchcock, John T. The Magars of Banyan Hill DS 485 .N4 .H55
Hitchcock, John T. A mountain village in Nepal DS 493.9 .M3 .H57 1980
Hoebel, E. Adamson The Cheyennes, Indians of the Great Plains E 99 .C53 H6
Hogbin, Ian A Guadalacanal society : the Kaoka speakers GN 671 .S6 .H62
Holmes, Lowell D. Samoan village DU 819 .F58 .H65
Holmes, Lowell D. Samoan village then and now (2nd ed.) DU 819 .F58 .H65 1992
Horowitz, Michael M. Morne-Paysan, peasant village in Martinique HN 250 .M3 .H6
Hostetler, John Andrew Amish children; education in the family, school, and community (2nd ed.) LC 586 .A45 .H67 1992
Hostetler, John Andrew The Hutterites in North America BX 8129 .H8 H64 1996
Hudson, A. B. Padju Epat: the Maanyan of Indonesian Borneo DS 646.32 .M2 .H8
Jacobs, Jerry. Fun city: an ethnographic study of a retirement community HQ 1063 .J3
Jones, David E. Sanapia, Comanche medicine woman E 99 .C85 .S25
Kearney, Michael. The winds of Ixtepeji; world view and society in a Zapotec town F 1221 .Z3 .K42
Kehoe, Alice Beck. The ghost dance: ethnohistory and revitalization E 78 .G73 .K44 1989
Keiser, Lincoln. Friend by day, enemy by night: organized vengeance in a Kohistani community GN 635 .P37 .K45 1990
Kiefer, Thomas M. The Tausug: violence and law in a Philipine Moslem society DS 666 .T33 .K54
Kintz, Ellen R. Life under the tropical canopy: tradition and change among the Yucatec Maya F 1435 .K55 1990
Klima, George J. The Barabaig; East African cattleherders DT 443 .K55
Kunkel, Peter. Spout Spring : a Black community E 185.86 .K8 1971
Kuper, Hilda The Swazi: a South African kingdom DT 971.42 .K87 1986
Lansing, John Stephen. The Balinese DS 647 .B2 .L24 1995
Laughlin, William S. Aleuts, survivors of the Bering Land Bridge E 99 .A34 .L38 1980
Lee, Richard B. The Dobe Ju/’hoansi DT 1058 .K86 .L44 1993
Lee, Richard B. The Dobe !Kung DT 797 .L42 1984
Lessa, William A. Ulithi; a Micronesian design for living DU 568 .U5 .L4
Lundgren, Nancy Watch and pray: a portrait of Fante village life in transition DT 510.43 .F35 L86 2002
Madsen, William. Mexican-Americans of south Texas F 395 .M4 .M3
McFee, Malcolm Modern Blackfeet E99 .S54 M3 1986
Messenger, John C. Inis Beag: isle of Ireland GF 561 .M47 1983
Middleton, John. Lugbara of Uganda DT 433.245 .L83 .M53 1992
Nanda, Serena Neither man or woman: the Hijras of India HQ 449 .N36 1999
Newman, Philip L. Knowing the Gururumba DU 740 .N4
O’Meara, Tim . Samoan planters: tradition and economic development in Polynesia GN 671 .S2 .O53 1990
O’Toole, James. Watts and Woodstock : identity and culture in the United States and South Africa F 869 .L89 .N36 1973
Parman, Susan Scottish crofters: a historical ethnography of a Celtic village DA 890 .G43 P37 1990
Partridge, William L. The hippie Ghetto : the natural history of a subculture HQ 799.7 .P27 1985
Pierce, Joe F. Life in a Turkish village DR 432 .P5 1983
Pilcher, William W. The Portland longshoremen; a dispersed urban community HD 8039 .L82 .U663
Podolefsky, Aaron. Simbu law: conflict management in the New Guinea highlands DU 740.42 .P63 1992
Pospisil, Leopold. The Kapauku Papuans of West New Guinea DU 744 .P58
Quinlan, Marsha B. From the bush: the front line of health care in a Caribbean village GR 121 .D58 Q856 2004
Quintana, Bertha B. ¡Qué gitano!: gypsies of southern Spain DX 251 .Q55 1983
Richardson, Miles. San Pedro, Colombia; small town in a developing society HN 310 .S27 .R5
Robarchek, Clayton Allen Waorani: the contexts of violence and war F 3722.1 .H83 R63 1998
Rohner, Ronald P. Kwakiutl : Indians of British Columbia E 99 .K9 .R63
Rohner, Ronald P. Kwakiutl: Indians of British Columbia, 2nd ed. E 99 .K9 .R63 1986
Rubin, Morton. The walls of acre : intergroup relations and urban development in Israel HN 761 .P33 .A37
Safa, Helen Icken The urban poor of Puerto Rico: a study in development and inequality HV 4064 .S2 S23
Schaffer, Matt. Mandinko: the ethnography of a West African holy land DT 549.42 .S37
Shaw, R. Daniel From longhouse to village: Samo social change DU 740.42 .S485 1996
Spindler, George Dearborn. Burgbach: urbanization and identity in a German village DD 901 .B974 .S64
Spindler, George Dearborn. Dreamers with power : the Menominee E99.M44 S68 1984
Stearman, Allyn Maclean. Yuqui: forest nomads in a changing world F 3320.2 .Y78 .S74 1989
Sugarman, Barry. Daytop Village: a therapeutic community HV 5833 .N45 .S9 1983
Suggs, David N. A bagful of locusts and the baboon woman: constructions of gender, change, and continuity in Botswana DT 2452 .S844 2002
Tonkinson, Robert. The Mardu Aborigines; living the dream in Australia’s desert (2nd ed.) DU 125 .M3 .T66 1991
Trigger, B. G. The Huron farmers of the North E 99 .H9 .T7
Turnbull, Colin M. The Mbuti pygmies: change and adaptation DT 650 .B36 .T88 1983
Turner, Paul R. The highland Chontal F 1221 .C58 .T8
Uchendu, Victor C. The Igbo of southeast Nigeria DT 515.42 .U3
Underhill, Ruth M. Papago woman E 99 .P25 .U5194
Vogt, Evon Z. The Zinacantecos of Mexico: a modern Maya way of life F 1221 .T9 .V6 1990
Weiner, Annette B. The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea GN 671 .N5 .W43 1988
Williams, Melvin D. On the street where I lived F 159 .P69 .N49
Williams, Thomas Rhys. The Dusun: a North Borneo society DS 646.32 .D86 .W55
Williams, Melvin D. The human dilemma; a decade later in Belmar (2nd ed.) F 159 .P69 .N49 1992
Wong, Bernard P. Chinatown, economic adaptation and ethnic identity of the Chinese F 128.9 .C5 .W65
Wormsley, William F. The White Man Will Eat You!: an anthropologist among the Imbonggu of New Guinea DU 740.42 .W676 1993
Young, William Charles The Rashaayda Bedouin: Arab pastoralists of eastern Sudan DT 133 .R37 Y68 1996