Bill Lockhart


Professor of Sociology

M.A., University of Texas – El Paso

Bill Lockhart is a professor of sociology at NMSU-A, teaching here since the fall semester of 1995. A late bloomer, Lockhart began his higher education at the age of 44 at El Paso Community College.  He graduated from UTEP with a BA in sociology and anthropology in 1993 and an MA from UTEP in sociology in 1995.

Lockhart offers a variety of courses in sociology, including Introductory Sociology, Contemporary Social Problems, Sex and Gender, Marriage and Family, Death and Dying, and Human Sexuality.  He describes his teaching style as:

Student friendly.  I am a strong advocate for students, and I believe that we should all, faculty, staff, and administration, remember that our entire purpose here is to serve the students.  That does not mean that we must give away grades or concede to student demands, but we need to ask at literally every turn, “How does what I am doing fit into student needs?”

I am an informal person, and I prefer to be called “Bill” by students, faculty, staff, and any other human beings.  I maintain an optimistic outlook and believe good teaching requires truly caring about my students.  NMSU-A has provided me with a wonderful working environment in the past, and I believe it will do so in the future.

In addition to my obvious connection with sociology, I am a historical archaeologist, specializing in glass artifacts – primarily historical glass bottles. This is my primary research interest, and I am in the process of writing histories and bottle chronologies for all the bottle-related industries in Southern New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico. This includes soda bottlers, breweries, dairies, and drug stores. In 2010-2011, I updated my decade-old books on the El Paso soda bottling industry, the Alamogodo soda bottlers, and the Otero County dairy industry.

In addition, I am a founding member of the Bottle Research Group, a consortium of collectors and archaeologists who study all aspects of glass bottles. We are currently writing an encyclopedia of manufacturer’s marks on glass bottles that will encompass several volumes and is currently estimated at ca. 3,500 pages in total length. Both individually and as a group, we publish regularly in local and national journals, collectors magazines, historical society newsletters, and other publications.

Copies of my books on local/regional bottles and bottlers are available at the Townsend Library, Alamogordo Campus, NMSU. Many of my publications and those of the Bottle Research Group are available online at: