Ken Beasley Retires After 14 Years

admin | April 19, 2012

Ken had the impossible job of trying to make everyone happy. He was the “go to” guy when building temperatures were not at comfort levels. This was certainly no easy task with 200+ employees spread out over 15 buildings! But amazingly he managed to keep the buildings comfortable as long as the energy management system was cooperative. Several times he adjusted cooling and heating of campus areas after hours or on weekends from home or even when he was on “vacation.”

During the “Big Freeze,” he worked with the maintenance team to ensure the least amount of damage to the campus systems. And long after, he and facilities personnel continued to address issues that resulted from that fateful week.
In addition to monitoring campus energy operations, he received/processed requests associated with all special events. We would email “Problem,” and Ken would soon respond with the appropriate work order.

In July of 2011, he was nominated for Outstanding Non-Exempt Staff Member. He’s was truly an outstanding staff member and will be missed!

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  1. Mary Terri says:

    Congrats, Ken!!!