Peg Crim is more than an NMSU-A Education Instructor

NMSU-A Web Developer | June 7, 2012

For a number of years, NMSU Alamogordo has benefited from the energies of Peg Crim, Adjunct Instructor in Education. She teaches “Project Wild,” “Project Wet,” and “Project Learning Tree” to help our education students prepare for teaching children about their environment.

However, Peg’s day job is with the U.S. Forest Service. Last weekend, one of her important projects came to fruition: the work to stabilize the Mexican Canyon Railroad Trestle in Cloudcroft was completed. Without Peg’s perseverance over the last decade, that trestle would probably be a pile of old timbers lying at the bottom of the canyon.
The photo shows Peg at the podium at the dedication of the beautiful new overlook just off the highway. Also present at this dedication were representatives from the offices of Congressman Pearce, Senator Bingaman, and Senator Udall. Smokey was there, too, but wasn’t captured in this photo.

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