“The value of a man resides in…

NMSU-A Web Developer | June 26, 2012

…what he gives and not what he is capable of receiving.” NMSU-A President, Dr. Cheri Jimeno, opened the Donor Wall Recognition ceremony with this appropriate quote from Albert Einstein. The ceremony was the beginning of a college tradition to honor those who have distinguished themselves with their service, establishment of scholarships, donation of land for college buildings, and monetary donations, all for the benefit of NMSU-A and her students.
The ceremony/reception was held Tuesday, June 18th in the Tays Center lobby. Present were people from the campus, the community, and several relatives of the philanthropists being acknowledged.
If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the wall, please stop by the Tays Center lobby and learn the names of those who have helped NMSU-A move forward since its establishment in 1958.

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