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There will be two Bond Issues on the November ballot, Bond B and Bond C. General Obligation Bond B will provide needed funding with NO TAX increase for Academic, Public, School, and Tribal libraries in New Mexico. Since 2002, New Mexico voters have passed statewide bond issues, helping libraries meet increasing demands for materials upgrades and internet services. NMSU-A’s Townsend Library has used these funds in the past to: replace aging VHS resources with DVDs, add nursing and history books, computers, bar code scanners, desktop document scanners for interlibrary loan services, CDs to support the Fine Arts program, and replace audiocassette books with books on CD. To learn details on how Bond B will aid New Mexico libraries, go to: .

Higher Education Bond C is a bond issue on the 2012 general election ballot that allocates money to improve the aging facilities of New Mexico colleges and universities, again with NO TAX increase. Many of our institutions of higher learning are in desperate need of repairs and renovations to continue to provide a higher standard of education. Many aging structures need to replace rapidly degrading roofs, heating and cooling systems, weak and worn electrical systems…the list goes on. Investing in our institutions of higher learning keeps our brightest students in New Mexico, creates a better workforce, and attracts better paying jobs, all of which positively affect our economy. Simply put, better education affects every single New Mexican. If Education Bond C passes, NMSU Alamogordo will receive $1,000,000 for sorely needed repairs and renovations. If Education Bond C passes, we dramatically improve the quality of life in New Mexico. For more information about this Bond issue, go to:

You don’t have to be in school or enrolled in a college or university to care about education. We all have a stake in these issues because New Mexico needs quality institutions and resources that provide education and training in up-to-date facilities. In turn, this attracts and keeps quality businesses and employees which offer high-paying jobs and careers to our residents. Everybody wins!




NOVEMBER 6, 7 A.M.-7 P.M

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  1. Jim says:

    I encourage people to vote this DOWN seeing how tuition goes up every semester, and even President Obama sees the need to bring tuition rates down because they gotten out of control. 3/4 schedule online now that NMSU-A is using canvas and needs to pay for it so they can carge additional money for online courses, forcing many students to take online courses because classes like Astronomy are primarily online (if not only online). Would this bond help pay for things like what has happened with President Couture. Times are tough and that money should be allocated elsewhere where it would be put to good use. If people are ever going to fight stuff like this and really help make education available for everyone then vote down this bond to demonstrate to them they cannot just raise tuition and fees whenever they want and make everyone like it. The whole attitude at NMSU-A , and NMSU has changed. People are treated as a number going through the once great university. Staff have been leaving right and left, at least all of the good ones. What does that tell everyone. Do the right thing please and VOTE DOWN this bond, it will make it better in the long run.

  2. Jim says:

    With all that being said Bond B is a good one

  3. Amber says:

    I completely agree with you, Jim!

  4. Cheri Jimeno says:

    Jim and Amber: I respectfully disagree with your statements. Please note that GO Bond C is for existing educational facilities across the state; this bond does not pay for salaries or Canvas. During the last few months, we replaced half of the roof and HVAC system for the ProTech Building. The cost for this project was $1.3 million. GO Bond C is paid for by individuals who pay property tax, but please note that this particular bond will not increase these taxes. However, passage of the bond will certainly assist with local job creation. At NMSU-A, we always attempt to keep our 13 buildings upgraded and secure so we can provide the best possible educational environment.

  5. Jim says:

    Ms. Jimeno: Thank you very much for the information. But, as taxpayers I think the best way to voice our concern about what is happening with the whole NMSU system is vote Down this bond. This is the best way to demonstrate everyone’s displease with all of the things that are happening. Many people feel bitter about what is happening, but feel they cannot do anything about it. This is an avenue to demonstrate their frustrations and concerns. One thing we know is that the best way to get one’s attention is to do something that has an affect, and this is it. Though there is no increase in taxes we are still paying for it. Why pay for something and watch it keep going in the wrong direction, this is an opportunity to change the tide and open everyone’s eyes. The university system learns nothing about how they affect others with bad decisions if we allow it to continue. As for new jobs, I am all about creating new jobs. What jobs are you referring to?

    Thank you,


    • rhonda says:

      Jim, I too, am in total agreement. This is a way we can voice out frustrations with the high cost of tuition that continues to go up-up-up either ever semester or definately every year.The schools can use this money and budget it toward facilities. I take online courses that I feel I teach myself and still have to pay tuitions and online “distant” fees (which go to what?. I for one will vote Down this bond or else it will continue to go down a path that I don’t want to go…same goes for the presidency vote.