Alliance for Minority Participation Scholarships Awarded

NMSU-A Web Developer | October 10, 2012

Three NMSU-A students were awarded scholarships by the Alliance for Minority Participation to attend the 2012 Student Research Conference in Las Cruces from October 4 – 6.  Some of the speakers highlighted were Dr. Van D. Romero, Vice President for Research and Economic Development at New Mexico Tech who spoke about his work with the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters and Aaron Garcia, CEO of SiliconMesa Corporation who  shared his successes in entrepreneurship and their connections to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). In addition to the speakers, students attended various workshops, met with undergraduate and graduate students presenting their research, and began networking on their own potential research projects and career opportunities. NMSU-A students ended their experience by placing First in their workshop presentation.


Pictured with NMSU Acting President Dr. Wendy K. Wilkins and NMSU Dean of Engineering Dr. Ricardo B. Jacquez, are NMSU-A STEM Coordinator Christina Stroud and scholarship winners:  Michael Finley, Rylee Agulto, and Alicia Rios.


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