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Eidenbach Book Signing

NMSU-A Web Developer | November 6, 2012

Good day folks,

This is a reminder that our own Peter L. Eidenbach will be on deck at Townsend Library tomorrow—Wednesday, November 7th – from 1 to 3 pm.  The Library has partnered with the campus bookstore to have someone available during that time period so that you may purchase your very own copy for $45.00 on the spot.

Pete will be making a short presentation about his new book,  An Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, 1550-1941, and will be available to personally autograph your copies. Following is an excerpt from an announcement by the publisher—UNM Press:

“The New Mexico landscape is easy to get lost in and much of its terrain has not been fully explored in many years.  Yet, the state holds a rich cartographic history not often recognized by the many people who daily interact with its topography. ……. This collection, featuring beautifully rendered diagrams of New Mexico’s landscape, allows exploration of the past as seen by that past’s inhabitants.” 10 X 14 in, 184 pages, 150 color plates

Playing on the monitor in our lounge area will be a slide show of maps featured in this book as well as some not included in this work.  Coffee will be served.

Stop by the Library Wednesday afternoon, talk with Pete about the rich history of this enchanting  state of ours  and don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to get your own autographed copy of,  An Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, 1550-1941.


College Connections Day

NMSU-A Web Developer | November 5, 2012

On Thursday, October 25, NMSU-A’s Student Success and VP of Academic Affairs hosted members of the educational leadership from the Tularosa Basin. The morning opened with a welcome from President Cheri Jimeno followed by a presentation by Dr. Juan García, VP for Student Success, on the importance of forming strong high school partnerships which support student transitions to NMSU-A.

This opening was followed by a question & answer session in TE 128, led by Dr. Debra Teachman, VP for Academic Affairs. Dual Credit Advisor, Rose Peña, and Recruitment Coordinator, Jeremy Patton closed this session with a presentation on Dual Credit.

The morning concluded with a tour of NMSU-A’s Pro-Tech Division, led by Division Head, Bryan Yancey, followed by a luncheon catered by Tia Lupes.

Program of The Year Announcement

NMSU-A Web Developer | November 5, 2012

Instructor, Judith Strawderman accepts the Program of the Year award for NMSU-A’s Adult Education program at the recent NMAEA/NMTESOL conference in Santa Fe. According to Francis Bannowsky, the program has seen changes over the last year. She said, “The program has had Administration changes, and testing issues, but made a plan for improvement and worked the plan.” The program saw an increase in level gains from 31.9% to 54.4% and reached 11 out of 12 state targets. The program also saw a 74% rate in posttests, well above the state average of 52%.

The Crimson Gazette: November Issue

NMSU-A Web Developer | November 1, 2012

The Crimson Gazette: November Issue, is now available for you reading pleasure!

You can download it