NMSU Alamogordo Mescalero Visit

NMSU-A Web Developer | March 12, 2013

On Thursday, March 14th, New Mexico State University Alamogordo staff will be reaching out to the Mescalero community when they attend Parent Teacher Night at Mescalero High School. The goal is to specifically be available to parents, students and other community members, to educate about the benefits of Dual Credit and engage the community about the advantages of post-secondary education.

Partnerships between high schools and universities have enabled high school students to earn college credits before graduating from high school, making their transition to the collegiate campus smoother and their likelihood of graduation from college greater. On Thursday, NMSUA looks to spotlight the Dual Credit program and the collegiate setting in general in the hope that it sparks the interest of students and parents alike.

Mescalero High School has already made preparations for the event. School Counselor Geri Gleason has set aside a classroom for NMSUA to use for Dual Credit classes. One such class is COLL 101. This course is designed to help first year student’s transition to college life by building a support network with other students and faculty, learn how to become a college student and learn college and life success skills that will build a foundation for academic and personal success. In addition, the classroom will serve as an office for university personnel to speak with students about degrees in pursuing lifelong goals.


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