NMSU-A’s ASC Tutor Coordinator is published

NMSU-A Web Developer | April 9, 2013

Miguel L. Viscarra is a graduate of NMSU Alamogordo and NMSU Las Cruces and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in sociology at New Mexico State University. Miguel is employed here as the Coordinator of Tutoring at NMSU-A’s Academic Support Center and assists students in reading, writing, sociology, and women’s studies.  His passions include art, music, and literature.

Not your typical fan of horror, his recent ventures into the horror genre and academia have prompted him to study classic horror theories of Julia Kristeva, Barbara Creed, Linda Williams, and others.  He is currently reviewing many pieces of horror literature for a website dedicated to the genre.  Inspired by his open mindedness for the supernatural, Miguel, a New Mexico native, has sought out, visited, and ventured into some of the state’s most haunted attractions.

His short story, “The Cleansing,” has been published recently in a wonderful new anthology of 16 tales of ghosts and the paranormal called Southern Haunts:  The Spirits That Walk Among Us. Miguel’s short story is the only one in this anthology that is set in New Mexico, but all of the stories arise from actual ghostly events, myths, and legends from the southern tier of states that produce this titillating collection.  If you like a good ghost story (and who doesn’t), the anthology can be purchased online on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.



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