Nursing graduates represent the future

NMSU-A Web Developer | May 14, 2013

Thursday evening, May 9th at the Tays Center, the 2013 graduates of NMSU-A’s Nursing Program were celebrated with the traditional “Capping & Pinning” ceremony. A large audience of family, friends, and well wishers were present to pay honor to the 14 graduates, acknowledging their long hours of study, preparation, and success.

The feature of the celebration was each graduate receiving their pin (see photos) by special family members and receiving their cap (women) or band (men). These 14 graduates are now ready to enter the nursing profession.

Keynote speaker was Dr. Jan Starr, Director of NMSU-A Nursing, who spoke of the importance of nurses developing their creed. She shared the points of her personal creed and suggested they could borrow the points of hers until they developed their own. The keynote address was followed with the history of the pin, cap, and lamp, delivered by Becky Ross.

The celebration drew to a close with the graduates lighting the traditional lamps and reciting the “Nightingale Pledge” which is an adaptation of the Physician’s Hippocratic Oath. (Excerpt) “I solemnly pledge…I will be active in assisting others in safeguarding and promoting the health and happiness of mankind.” The pledge in its entirety exemplifies the dedication and honor of those reciting it to their chosen profession.

Nursing graduate, Diana Blondell, closed the ceremony with a farewell address and prayer.

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