Rube What?!

NMSU-A Web Developer | November 21, 2013
Rube What?

NMSU-A’s Engineering Instructor, Sarah Williamson’s Engineering 100 students will be building Rube Goldberg machines for their final exam project. You may be asking “What’s a Rube Goldberg machine?” Well, we’ve all seen them – those complicated machines that make the simplest task seem like rocket science. They’re named after Reuben Garrett Lucius “Rube” Goldberg, an engineer known more for his political satire cartoons. Goldberg showed us that industry and corporations can’t replace common sense.

Volunteers from Holloman Air Force Base will be judging the competition on:

    December 13
    5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
    Tays Center

Come out and support our NMSU-A future engineers:  engineers with common sense.

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