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Crimson Honor Students Fall 2013 (Revised)

NMSU-A Web Developer | December 13, 2013

Download the Crimson Honor Students Fall 2013 List (PDF)
Crimson Scholar List Fall 2013

Continuing Crimson Scholars should have received an e‐mail from the Crimson Honors Program at the beginning of the semester. Congratulations on your ongoing academic achievements!

The Crimson Scholar program is a recognition and enrichment program for students of exceptional academic achievement. Designation as a Crimson Scholar is placement among the top New Mexico State University students.

Crimson Scholar students must be continuing undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students must earn at least three (3) GPA hours per semester, and must be degree seeking.
Incoming high school graduates must have a composite ACT score of 26 or a high school GPA of 3.75 or higher. Crimson Pins are received after the accumulation of 24 Crimson Scholar credit hours.

Note: Students with a confidentiality hold will only be listed if the hold is lifted in the Admissions and Records Department located in the Student Services building, 575‐439.3700, If you have any questions regarding your Crimson Scholar status, please contact 575.439.3716 (NMSU-A)

Crimson Scholars Office
New Mexico State University

Fall 2013 Final Exam Schedule

NMSU-A Web Developer | December 10, 2013

The final exam schedule can also be found at its new location:

Click the image to download the Fall 2013 Final Exam Schedule

NMSU-A Grid Tie for Students

NMSU-A Web Developer | December 9, 2013

In its development of a Renewable Energy program, NMSU-A is offering certificates of completion in the following areas: “Certificate in Photovoltaic (PV) Entry Level – Grid-Tie”; “Certificate in Advanced Photovoltaic Installation”. One of the goals of the STEM grant is to develop and institutionalize a Renewable Energy Program along with these certificates. NMSU-A key personnel and instructors have put together a program proposal and hope to see it move into NMSU-A’s Academic Council soon.

As NMSU-A moves forward with its Renewable Energy Program, PNM Resources Foundation (PNM) has provided the campus with a grid tie-in that will allow students to connect to the electrical grid when they are commissioning the solar photovoltaic (PV) systems they build.

The tie-in allows power to come directly from the grid to the Alternative Energy program’s newly constructed learning canopy, behind the NMSU-A campus’ Tays Center Renewable Energy lab.  Students will learn how to connect the PV system to the grid in accordance with the National Electrical Code. The canopy, built with funds from the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) grant at NMSU-A, is a learning tool on which students can practice actual installation of photovoltaic systems, as they would on a home or other building.

NMSU-A is the only school in NM to have the ability to connect to the grid for training. Students participating in the Renewable Energy program will be able to actually see the PV system generating power onto the grid and watch the meter run backwards as it does so. “That is why we install PV systems – to reduce the amount of energy you have to pay for,” says instructor, Clay Blevins.

There are 4 specific courses being offered this spring:  ET 125, TCEN 111, TCEN 112, & TCEN 121.

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NMSU-A Fall Student Art Show Success!

NMSU-A Web Developer | December 6, 2013

NMSU-A’s Fall Student Art Show was held Thursday evening, December 5th in the Pro Tech Building. Every hallway, nook, and cranny displayed amazing work done by our students! People began to fill the hallways by 4:30, and in a short time, the entire building was abuzz with oohs and ahhs.

Student work featured ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, digital graphics, and animation. A formal presentation of student artwork was in the Art Exhibition Lab adjacent to the Pro Tech lobby. Light refreshments were served and visitors were treated to live music by Al from Timberwolf.
Instrumental in pulling the event together were instructors Sarah Irving, John Adams, Brian Taylor, and Pro Tech Division Head, Bryan Yancey.