Joan Griggs Retires from NMSU-A

NMSU-A Web Developer | January 31, 2014

Joan Griggs was hired in September 2005 to direct and manage Community Education at NMSU-A. Until her retirement in January 2014, Joan expanded offerings to include Pharmacy Technician, Fiber Optics, non-credit Allied Health training, dozens of on-line professional development courses from LERN, Career Step, Ed2Go, and local offerings including MS Excel and Access by Professor Glenda Elser.

In addition, Joan developed Kids College where students of all ages could participate in summer activities from soccer to Kids on Stage. Joan’s work with the Desert Light Film festival continued after she was hired at NMSU-A. Over the last two years, the festival doubled in participation by high school and middle school film makers! Joan successfully wrote Carl Perkins programs of study to help support programs like Bio-Medical Technology, Automotive Technology, EMS, Digital imaging, Engineering, and Welding. Joan developed the White Sands Institute that has offered such classes as: White Sands Watercolors, Hike Smart, Lizards of the White Sands, and Experience the Light Photography.

We are very glad to have had Joan Griggs’ creativity in bringing interesting and educational opportunities to the Community Education Program.

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