Have you Registered for Fall Semester?

NMSU-A Web Developer | March 21, 2014

Visit with your advisor soon (by appointment or walk-in) and determine your best options. Below is the registration schedule:

Open registration for fall semester begins August 7th.

Please Note: Two weeks before classes begin each term, students can register for any course on any campus provided space is available and course prerequisites have been met. This registration will begin August 7th since fall classes begin August 21st.

Also: Mandatory Orientation for first-time degree-seeking students begins for Summer 2014 registration.

New Mexico SUN Online Course Enrollment Opportunity Begins Summer 2014.

Students if there is a class you really need to take that is not offered in the NMSU system, there may be another opportunity for you to enroll. SUN Online is an online course sharing system with colleges all across New Mexico. You actually register for the course through NMSU-A, your grade will come through the NMSU-A system, and your transcript will show you took the course from NMSU-A, but you will actually be in an online class at another college in New Mexico. This is a great opportunity for you to have access to courses that might not be available when you need them. For more information on available courses, see your advisor. More detail about SUN Online can be found at http://skillupnetwork.org/students.

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