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NMSU-A Web Developer | April 7, 2014

Quality MattersTM is a nationally known and respected program that is directly based on best practices and focuses on course design. As part of this national initiative, online courses are going through a rigorous peer review based on QM Standards. NMSU-A is working diligently to become an institution known for quality online instruction.

The following NMSU-A courses have gone through both the internal and external review process, have met the QM Standards, and are official QM Recognized Courses:

  • ASTR 105G – Rob Klinger
  • BUSA 111 – Sherrell Wheeler
  • ECON 251G – Carrie Baldwin
  • ENG 111G – Kathy Roark-Diehl
  • HLS 150G/NURS 150G – Christine Trapp
  • Courses having completed the internal review process and met QM Standards will soon go through external review to become QM Recognized. These NMSU-A courses are:

    • ART 101G – John Adams
    • BA 104/BMGT 110 – Susan Cook
    • BIOL 101G – Jennifer Smith
    • CMT 115 – Sara Irving
    • ECED 115 – Hayley Lehoski
    • LING 200G – Julia Jorgenson

    We applaud all of you! This milestone represents significant effort and professional commitment.

    For a full list of QM Recognized courses go to the QM Recognized Courses Page.

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  1. Wanda Wakkinen says:

    Congratulations to all! For those of you who haven’t taken the training yet, it is hard to imagine what this entails. I am proud to call you my colleagues!