AngelOrGhost Light Concert at NMSU Alamogordo

NMSU-A Web Developer | May 1, 2014

The following performance was done to benefit a scholarship program. The event took place at the Rohovec Theater at NMSU Alamogordo

Special thanks to the following individuals,

  • Connie Breding
  • Alice flicke
  • Ann Bagby
  • Gavin Kainulainen
  • Hanah Shields
  • Joanne Gronewold
  • Judith Havenith
  • Katrarina Lettenmeier
  • Katrin Havenith
  • Lisa Marie Schlereth
  • Mariah Hernandez
  • Michael Carrillo
  • Rich Gill
  • Warren Spearman
  • Olivia Budak
  • Ana Sepulveda
  • Sarah Lettnmeier

    For more information about AngelOrGhost please see the following archived posting:

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    1. Ana Salinas says:

      I love his music.